Snow flakes show fakes and take statements
Speak loud as i grow hate, and break pavement
Flow waits like old ways, and no day to change it
So take life and mould pain, to this enslavement
To these snow flakes, that we have become
All of these people grow to break, masses summed'
Now pass the slums, and crash to jump
Maybe we will withstand, but thats just luck
Shall we expand, to come back with trust n' love
So these snow flakes, that we have watched fall through years
Will slow hate, from more pain.. we all knew fears
Dont ask me why, just pass me by, and ask myself
one last time, must mask these lies, and pass with stealth
so snow flakes, even though scary and evil
Will keep me awake, and strong instead of feeble
Deep in my state, in these long dreaded days of upheaval
Causing me to be irate, and break, till i face the lethal
so snow flakes, thanks, for all you have done
i will miss you when you melt in the sun
Even though you might not stay year round
I feel fine-and alive, when you hit the ground

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