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Thread: Farewell My Love

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    Default Farewell My Love

    this is it, what they call crunch time, but not for the punch lines
    too serious for a bunch of drunk minds talkin shit in the lunch line
    killing time 'cause the meal is late, see I'm far from feelin great
    the value of these words is worth more than most real estate
    it's the end of the line, sick of spending my mind writing
    fighting, the minds that are left in the dark, I provide the lighting
    igniting, the gasoline, that's a seen thats past a dream
    and no matter how long you rap for, you're not passing Keen
    that's why it's the perfect time to hang up the jersey and make the speech
    I hope you heard me, none are worthy, you just don't have the reach
    so text message your friends about me, try some wire line slander
    fuck your thoughts you can't deny I'm retiring in my prime like Sanders,
    Barry, and I'm very wary, and agitated so when I spit I'ma let the phlegm spray
    a monster like the wall in Fenway, this is for real the end, no return, no MJ
    but I will give you one last 45, this record so take it and pop her in
    I always said they'd have to surgically take me out, well the doctor's in...
    look don't get it twisted, I know that I'm gifted that's why I'm leaving
    I'm going to chew a bigger piece of the game, on here I was just teething
    the net is no place for me, I'm a leader, I need people to here and to follow
    so keep your eye out for me, I'll be rapping under the name Apollo

    good luck with everything everyone, there is mad skill on here, don't let anyone tell you that you can't make it 'cause with determination any one of you can make it as stupid as that may sound it's true, i may check in from time to time to post feed, so good luck, God bless and as always, keep up

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    Default Re: Farewell My Love

    great words ....
    keep dem coming ....
    i'll b lookin out for your writting ....
    good job ....


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