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Thread: Exit Timbawolf, Enter Rodimus Rhyme

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    Default Exit Timbawolf, Enter Rodimus Rhyme

    heres a little something, i recycled a few lines but iono, wat u tink?

    Now look at this kid is he white or black/
    the way he talk the lingo the way he style his cap/
    i mean look at those jeans hanging off of his ass/
    but while it aint about style know this kid can rap/
    alone in my own zone, chilling with my headphones/
    they said he wouldnt amount to shit i guess they were dead wrong/
    keep playing my song, i release the heat i spit fire/
    call me the white kanye i made it through the wire/
    i aspire to acquire the skills of those i most admire/
    and retire on a note higher than those of a choir/
    the shires where i live, and we all from the streets/
    by no means a ghetto, but we still fiend to make ends meet/
    im strictly hip hop call me pookie because this kid chris, rocks
    critiques lip locked on my dick when my shit drops/
    so to the seeds of the working class we was meant to be kept down/
    but keep doing your thing we demanding some respect now/

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    Default Re: Exit Timbawolf, Enter Rodimus Rhyme

    this was cool, a lil disappointed with the recycled lines ha but they fit well so i cant hate on it too much. you got an interesting flow and style its good tho. keep up

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    Default Re: Exit Timbawolf, Enter Rodimus Rhyme

    This was a good drop, easy to follow, good rhymes, nice work. Keep it real bro!

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    Default Re: Exit Timbawolf, Enter Rodimus Rhyme

    Man this went hard. Ive never been a big fan of recycling. I mean ive done it once or twice too but I always felt like I was cheating or something like that. This was good though. Mucho skills.

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