This is one of my darker pieces, y'all... It's all about choices. And you may not realize the choices you make are killing you, or even worse... Maybe you inadvertently decide to slowly kill your lover.

I start a fight we cannot win until I strip your innocence,
benevolence growin' inside of intricate ears again
tempting thoughts destroy morale in you when nobody is by your side
once i make you think the worlds against you then i stripped your pride
but i'm always here that little devil that stays on your shoulder
colder the way i feel hold her so i unravel these soldiers

She's more willing if im giving false hopes for what she's wanting,
subliminal visions of the comedown arent exactly calming
alarming her hearts pounding, then the devil surrounds me
whenever i needed him it seems as if the beast found me

he told me he's proud of me for stealing souls of the willing
chilling, aura invades me and numbs guilty feelings
you're self-righteous, maniacal, controlling, and appalling
thats what the devil said on the first day that he saw me

then i heard words that will always resonate
the devil's a powerful creature allow me to demonstrate

i watched her slowly drift eyes to the back of the skull
devil told me this love cannot be yours unless you let it go

loner loner thats how it is
colder colder the older i get
trapped trapped stuck in my ways
last chance for all of my days

a fight between men ends one day in amends
to befriend the devil's something i just couldn't comprehend
just like sixth sense i was a kid, spirits in my pictures
but it wasn't a spirit, was lucifer from the scriptures

i was always wondering who gave me power, stayed discreet
these evil things, such evil things, invaded all of my dreams

so now i'm here, watching this life gasp for the last breath it takes
she loses her ability to respirate
i jump to save her, though it was my fault that she is OD'ing
will she go to heaven or just rot with me and evil beings

listened to lucifer cause my soul was already condemned
never said im through with her, but i let her body descend
now i'm questioning the devil and his evil idle hands
thought about her sister, her brother, her mother and her dad

let the devil control me already bought my ticket
to live through this life of hell i made so fuckin real and vivid