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    E commits crimes, city trippin & flippin drugs like herbs & keys crazy
    submit extended clips from tec-9s, spittin slugs like birds feedin babies
    words succeeding greatly 2 disturb misreading fakies bleedin like raped V's
    misleading snakes plead 2 jake & inbreeding hate but cant impede my weight G
    im straight see, E b steady showin nigg@s d-feet since they like 2 FLIP FLOP
    shit's got 2 end, fake friends busted flows figure 2 puttin the BEAT n Hip Hop
    grip knots & ride tints harder than u crabs ride the fence, yall outta order
    lost when u crossed the border, lames switchin sides like the end of quarters
    it makes perfect sense, hence the sayin 'birds of a feather flock 2getha'
    i glimpse thru ur thin pretense as u ducks take offense 2 my verbal beretta
    just cuz im betta, my dense bars pack more subliminals than war propaganda
    heads reread my text like studyin 4 tests & preparin they corps proper slander
    my hardcore drops r candor, just stop the meander yall bush beatin passivists
    im Bush beatin masses quick, crass & slick, eliminatin activists n my path n shit
    mental math is sick, divide cliques when addin my 2 cents 2 subtract a bitch
    squares at the root of the problem try 2 multiply, but their contractions swift
    they compact & shift, left impacted from my attractive gift, lames seem shook
    n a 'vicious circle' like Dane Cook, upperhand em when i disperse this mean hook
    look how my verses cook, my page is causin more outrage than OJ's book hawking
    u slime arise by spendin time droppin dimes spreadin lies like congressmen talking
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    Default Re: Droppin A Dime

    1 one the best drops ive read in a long time man, you should put that to audio, cause some them lines like the one where you talkin mathmaticaly shit could be flipped so hard, any 10/10
    "come sit, sip from my holey water/ fresh dripped, from the veins of the innocents ive had to slaughter/ imagine the voice of a daughter, begging for the life of a father/ decided ta let him live turned and shot her"
    back again

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    Default Re: Droppin A Dime

    Real nice rhyme, it could use a little work to make it flow together but overall very good, 7/10

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    Default Re: Droppin A Dime

    thanks fellas. i probly will end up spittin this ova a beat- i been mad busy lately an havent had time 4 shit.

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