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    This aint nothing special, just a bit of brainstorming really i just liked the way it sounded when i read it back to myself

    im just a lil boy from a town in the UK
    not much happens, theres not much to say
    but just cos i aint livin on streets full of killins
    dont mean my bars aint sweet enough to knock out ur fillings
    i can chat about shit like commercial artists
    or i can spit the real shit for the real rap market
    raw shit like rape and child abuse
    and suicide, men hangin down from a noose
    i can tell u bout a man pickin boys off the town
    for his sick twisted games but that will just make u frown
    or i can tell u bout a preadator stalkin the night
    waitin for a girl that wont put up a fight
    to take to an alley, rip her pants to her knees
    while she cries in a heap hopin he'll let her leave
    but when you hear that u get all defensive
    thinkin the words that i talk are offensive
    but you cant see that im opening the eyes
    of the youth of today, i aint tellin them lies
    i aint makin this world out to be a place full of bliss
    i aint that man, ill tell it how it is
    theres a lot of sick shit goin on outside
    mothers losing sons just cos of male pride
    kids gettin hit by stray bullets each day
    how many lives will be claimed to this game
    see half of them are rich kids tryna be thugs
    but i dont understand that, i think theyre all mugs
    who in their right mines would step out of there home
    full of love and respect and go kill for some chromes
    but thats how it is, maybe not where im livin
    but does that really mean that these kids cant be given
    the words of advice that i speak in this rhyme
    dont leave school, dont do drugs you'll regret it in time
    keep your head down, stay away from the gangs
    before the bullet hits you next time you hear that bang
    so kids just behave, pay respect to you mum
    dont go out on the streets living life by the gun
    cos it may seem good now but 10 years down the line
    with 6 counts of murder, facing big time
    get sentenced to life, about 25 years
    lets see how long u last before crying them tears
    cos you regret what you did but its far too late now
    so listen and think, kids, put the guns down

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    kinda fucked up haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by studio57 View Post
    kinda fucked up haha

    what do ya mean fucked up? Do you mean i fucked it up or the rhymes n shit were just messed up

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    Default Re: Drop the guns

    I gotta be honest man I wasn't really feeling this one. The rhyme scheme is as simple as it gets and just the whole concept of you writing about what you could write about was just boring.

    Not trying to knock you man, but I know you could write better than this.

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    Default Re: Drop the guns

    I agree with Am, not your best work, its cool that you are going through the trial and error stage for topics homie so dont get down cause one didnt work cause others are bound to, ya feel me? keep up

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    Default Re: Drop the guns

    Same here mane.
    It sounded more like a rap 2 me, but it was good. Kudos

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