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Thread: Dirty Angels (Revised + new verse)

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    Default Dirty Angels (Revised + new verse)

    These lyrics are intended to show what goes on inside the mind of a psycho, it's similar to a track Tech N9ne did some time ago called "Trapped in a psychos body" yet in my humble opinion my version of this phenomenon is better written and gets the idea across in a superior way, anyhow enjoy and as always, if you wish to buy from me, you know where to find me.

    RED = psycho/bad

    BLUE = normal/good

    Dirty Angels

    Don't try and help me, these dirty angels got a hold of me
    A bottle of OLD E to stay cold is all I need gee

    If you can teach me I need help, somebody please reach me
    This motherfucker's like a leech, he won't let me hear you preach
    Each day I stay away, the farther I feel myself stray
    This psychos after pay and would kill anyone in his way

    Ain't no use for you to pray, you're God is like a recluse
    All the Hail Marys you say won't help you when I'm on the loose
    Ain't it scary that the very excuse you use gave me breath?
    You pair me with yourself and made me, were together till death

    No! If you're close to me say you're goodbyes, I'm in his shadows
    I can't help but follow, when I die where will I go?
    Slow down and look around, were walking in the same pair of shoes
    He moves without a sound, he's the man you didn't think you knew

    In time it's true, I got your mind before you ever caught me
    Somebody please try to stop me, these dirty angels got me


    I close my eyes tight, recite a prayer, tonight one of us goes
    One bullet to bite, I don't wanna fight it but the fright grows
    Froze in the grip of this calamity my sanity slips
    Feel the humanity and the tragedy of this shit
    I try to split away, blacking out like I'm loosing days
    Backtracking my steps, a motherfucker's acting out of phase
    Got me standing on the edge of becoming a full fledged beast

    Feel the release of tucking a piece strutting through any streets
    Give a fuck in the least, let them coward bitches be deceased
    It don't cease to amaze me the freedom of being crazy
    Liquor to fade me while motherfucker's are screaming save me
    Since I was a baby, don't you come near me cause I'm shady
    The killers endear me while all my other peers fear me

    You best to steer clear, if you wanna help me, don't even try
    You wonder why I stay intoxicated till I die
    Refuse to cry, abuse alcohol and love to get high.

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    Default Re: Dirty Angels (Revised + new verse)

    Powerful writing my man ... I'm having a little trouble hearing the cadence in places (reciting in my head) and would love to hear this recorded, with or without a beat.

    a couple typo's ...

    I try to split away, blacking out like I'm loosing days
    "loosing" should be "losing"

    and ...

    Got me standing on the edge of becoming a full fledged beast
    "full fledged" should be "full-fledged"

    Keep on keepin' on ... this is worth finishing without a doubt.


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