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    Default Death Becomez

    Is your God there? Pass him the word, I swear Iím prepared
    They sit and stare as Iím laid up in critical care
    Barley there thinking "why in the fuck was my life spared?"
    Square my life away and disappear without a care
    The heir to misfortune, my mothers own twisted son
    The man to become the one looking down a loaded gun
    My life as a juvenile, refused to flash a smile
    So versatile, Prepared to go that extra mile
    Immortality wasnít meant for me, rather be free
    So before I flee I depart my fucking foes as debris
    Street smarts trumped college right from the start
    every time I dumped I lost another piece of my heart
    In the dark I felt the danger running with strangers
    Even stranger, I felt the end but felt no anger
    Death becomes, but what becomes of the man on the run?
    Coming up from the slums hoping Iím numb when itís done

    ďTo be immortal is commonplace; except for man, all creatures are immortal, for they are ignorant of death; what is divine, terrible, incomprehensible, is to know that one is immortal.Ē

    Bullet wounds and revenge got me consumed with hatred
    Paying back old friends, in the end my ways are wicked
    Extend my hand to my foes with my plans on the low
    Back stab the hoes, let the caskets close and rake in the doe
    Iím a psycho baby, you motherfuckers made me
    No mercy from the Devil as I blast your lady
    Even bitches be plotting, they can still get gotten
    Stopping at nothing till their whole set is dead and rotting
    Cowards should have killed me but you suckers missed the mark
    Now you got me pissed and coming for your fucking hearts
    Lord save me from my friends, I can handle my enemies
    And even though I sin please donít forget about me
    My parables blow holes through your motherfucking skulls
    Now pay the toll, two quarters to come collect your souls
    Iím told Death becomes, what becomes of the man on the run
    Coming up from the slums hoping Iím numb when itís done!

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    Default Re: Death Becomez

    wow...this had immence flow...
    the message was clear...
    this was very interesting read....
    This is some complex writing...
    Never seen anything like it so far...
    You got mad skills bruh..
    Keep at it..


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