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    they say cash rules i guess that its true
    eva since a yute i been on the quest 4 some loot
    regardless if at was a target 2 shoot or drugs 2 distribute
    i did what it took, makin moves leavin vics shook
    bricks look good, its weedheads n my hood,
    but keys lookin betta, an cokehads spend mo chedda
    flow getta off anythin where the profits doubled
    posted up on the corner huddled wit hustlas duckin trouble
    wasnt workin, so i got a beeper an a mobile 4 servin
    weary of cops swervin lanes 2 get behind me
    nervy as fuck wonderin if they soon 2 b tryin me
    mama cryin seein me n cuffs, bailin me out n such
    could c the pain n her face as her baby boy caught case afta case
    back 2 tha place i hate, posted up n a cell n county jail
    fuckin hell, bored wit nothin 2 do, no pussy 2 screw
    hang wit the blacks an ricans so no beef 2 stew
    lames tryin 2 get at me, if they did id b happy
    2 smash the face they put n the way of my fists
    gladly clip dudes talkin shit, earn gain time
    now im out free back on my grind, stacks on my mind
    call up my old connect 2 get somethin on front
    he actin sketch cuz he hasnt spoken 2 me n months
    i convince him im cool, just got pinched 4 some bull
    he says 'beuno, blanco, u know what 2 do'
    true, i do, its nothin new, run thru his spot on an creep low
    he fronts me a heata, an elbow of cheeba, and 2 ounces of pedico
    now its on me 2 make this bread within a week or im dead
    its aight though, im good unda pressure,
    call up my chick, she come thru, i undress her
    an molest her, then kick her out, grab the burna out the dressa
    mash out the house, its a party poppin
    alotta heads there, so i know they will b coppin
    somethin off me, these kids stay spendin cheese
    plus its rich white kids wit parents money thats easy 2 jack
    i slang about 9 balls an mad quarter sacks...damn- it feels good 2 b back

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    Default Re: C.r.e.a.m.

    pretty good man... 'ever since a yute', lol
    reminds me of the movie 'my cousin vinny'

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    Default Re: C.r.e.a.m.


    'the 2 yutes'

    funny shit....
    its alotta dreads i kick it wit that say yute as slang 4 a young person.


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