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    Default Blind Date

    So I haven't posted in awhile cause I've been very busy working on my boy's album, and now we're working on mine, so in the mean time here is a sneak peak at a joke song that will be featured on the collaboration mixtape. I am under the name Apollo. anyway, hope y'all have a good laugh with this, lemme know whatcha think.

    My friend said he had an offer that I just gotta hear
    Set me on a date, so I put on some hotter gear
    Soon as I saw her I was like fuck this, I’m outta here
    (why man?) ‘cause that bitch has got a beard
    She has hair in her ears, she defines what gross is
    The shit in her nose is exposed and she has halitosis
    Her chest sags and her ass resembles mud flaps on a truck
    I wouldn’t touch that woman, not for a million bucks
    So much acne her face looks almost polka dotted
    She smiled at me with her crooked teeth that are all rotted
    She’s nothing hot, muffin top stuffed in sweatpants that say juicy
    Sweat stains, I think she’s got brain damage, call her Ms. Busey
    She looks like she was hit with a shovel when she was young
    I’m pretty sure she has fungus on her toes and tongue
    Her shirt says “I’m a hottie” she must be delirious
    My friend’s like I hope you like her…you can’t be serious

    this is meant to be a joke song, since we found a hilarious sample to use with it so while this may not be my best work its hopefully something that will stir up convos on how bad some blind dates truly are

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    Default Re: Blind Date

    lol this was cool...not too many people have fun with rap anymore, glad to see you have a sense of humor. Not even close to your usual lyrical talent, but it was enjoyable.


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