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Thread: Before We Learn To Fly Verse

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    Default Before We Learn To Fly Verse

    Heres a verse i wrote down, I called it ;Before We Learn To Fly'
    What u think?

    First Off, This Aint No Diss Record To Fake MC's
    Im Using Brutality Instead To Attack Police And Fake MP's
    As They Proceed To Feel The Need To Lead By Hate And Greed
    And Corrupt Minds Of The Young Seeds That We Breed
    Counsellers Asking Why We Have A Yearn To Die
    We Tossed Into The Sky Before We Learn To Fly
    We Seeing Vivid Visions Before We Learn To Cry
    Head On Collisions With Hell, Etched, Burned Into Eye
    Fuck These Politicians Making All Of These Decisions
    Talking Like We Just Some Animals Awaiting Prison
    With Sick Precision, They Envision Racial Division
    So Everywhere We Turn, We Got Enemies In Our Lines Of Vision
    So We Turn To Them Like A False Sense Of Security
    Im Not Turning Preacher, But We Need To Defend Our Purity
    They Discredit The Loud Talking Voices, Hence Obscurity
    But Believe I Will Expose The Big Brother Community,,, Thats A Surety

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    Default Re: Before We Learn To Fly Verse

    this was cool, much stronger than i remember your others being so congrats on your improvement, some things could have been reworded to make it flow better but thats just me being picky and a perfectionist, overall this was a solid joint with a cool strong message and some good wordplay. keep up

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    Default Re: Before We Learn To Fly Verse

    yo i liked that "tossed into the sky" line. Thought that was kinda creative.


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