its been a while since i posted anything on here, this is just a few simple bars i jotted down. enjoy

i walk down the road see a kid fast asleep
but he aint in a bed he's asleep on the street
wrapped in a blanket, tattered and torn
i know there's no way it could keep the kid warm
i cant explain what i felt as a solitry tear
rolled down my cheek and my heart filled with fear
fear for his life as these streets are not safe
yet no-one else cares its a fucking discrace
people walk past with a look in there eyes
saying its his own fault he sleeps under the sky
he scrounges for food in the bins by the shop
and still no one helps him, its time that this stopped
how can society stand by and watch
as a 12 year old boy finds his home in a box
while we all go in to our nice comfy bed
he's still on the streets, no pillow for his head

peace V