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Thread: Anything that rose will fall.

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    Default Anything that rose will fall.

    Personal embarrassment is simply the instant your mistakes are brought out to the world. Mass embarrassment is the instant the human ego plummets instantly into a deep dark hole of judgment. Despite people saying they don't care what others say, the natural human feature of curiosity will arise and as you wonder what they think the embarrassment gets worse.

    My most embarrassing moment was about 10 years ago, a childhood associate and I had gotten into a scuffle. After about a minute of fighting, I swung a punch. I was sure I was gonna defeat my opponent... Sadly, he ducked, I went flying off the porch. Now this isn't the most embarrassing part. Earlier that day it had been storming, the rain brought much mud. As kids, our immaturity led us to do something as the day had consumed all outside activity. We eventually began picking on one of the kids who had an indented chin. We called it a "Booty chin." We even went as far as placing mud on his chin and yelling "His chin just pooed!"

    I personally instigated the humiliation so I was targeted and he sung, I dodged and we got into a fight which eventually led to the start of my embarrassment. The reason it was so embarrassing because my ego had gotten so huge at the expense of embarrassing a friend in front of so many people but now he looked down on a muddy me. My reason was childish but I'd never regret it. I got back up and continued to fight.

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    Default Re: Anything that rose will fall.

    I hate when that happens. *g* Keep on keepin' on!


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