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    Default All I Want Is You

    <Over the "all i want is you" instrumental. I liked the song so i thought i would write a lil bit.>

    I dont know what happened? It all used to be so perfect
    now im not for certain if any of it was worth it
    im lookin for signs if "what was" can be gained back
    so heres to hoping that Dr Jekyl can change back
    cause honey, we never made it to the milk and honey
    Was it me, a higher dream, or the lack of money~
    I mean I couldnt understand what you wanted from me
    Cause we were sailing clear waters, now you acting muddy
    Disagreements turned heated, crossed the line and fouled too
    baby...BABY!! lower your tone, I can get LOUD TOO!
    Screamin what I did and all the things im not allowed to
    Round 2, repeat it, tell me whats it all amounts to...
    You say you need a little space....predictable
    So Im middle of the club....Mr Cool
    Feelin a fool in a full room, aware you said
    you'd always be there...what a cruel trick to pull.


    Scratch that... im going back to the routine
    But the new me wont let me tap into the old me
    poor me, geez am i really so weak?
    Memories of you and me takes the strength in both knees
    No sleep, cant eat, can hardly...keep beat (off beat)
    haunting me, cant believe that i let you go free
    Come back for another chance i'll treat you like no other can
    You moved on? Do you mean it? Who's the other man?
    Dont mean to pry, i mean he seems like a nice guy
    But did you really kill the feelings that you felt inside?
    Or do you drift off and let me cross your mind at times?
    In your dreams do I still play the shining knight?
    Its kinda like this is something that was meant to be
    eventually, I never really knew what you meant to me
    ...Maybe I needed you, maybe I still do
    Just wanna be wit you, Just wanna be wit you
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    Default Re: All I Want Is You

    I like this, i wasnt real fond of the actual song but i did like the beat and i think this would make a solid audio. keep up


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