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    aint had much time for writing recently this is just a few quick lines that i thought up earlier at work. Going to build on it when ive got the time and inspiration

    Why do we walk this earth
    i dont understand
    what is the point of man
    we took a world so grand
    and we mined and mined
    and as time went by
    we bled the earth dry
    now its waiting to die
    lit by the light
    of the moon in the night
    im crazy in the cranium, skin like Albanians
    flows blow like uranium, a mother fuckin alien
    sent to this earth as the re-birth of damian

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    whats the true meaning to live when we living to die
    kids not even 16 think its gangsta that they willin to die
    they're feelin the high but know reality waits when they come down
    so they hustle hard and smoke blunts from sun up to sun down
    still fighting hunger pains, leaky roofs, living in poverty
    screaming out fuck praying to god, the only thing i ever got is me

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    Its depressing, whats the meaning even adressing oppression
    and to that point, whats seemingly redeeming of self expression
    It all falls in succession, for every answer just more questions
    Just lessons in helplesness we endure in daily sessions


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