< Get a second chance and just do things rght. Tryna spread some sense to these cats >

Come to the realization of what Im facing, my mind racing
heart pacing, got my body in a stasis,
All becomes clear as I stand at heaven's gates and
..see the world through the eyes of a spaceman
Cant plead my casing before the placement
Cant fit my ego in the attic, so they send me to the basement
Thats when Im taken, Thats when I wake and
Wisely decide to use the time I been wasting
..From this point Im a lyrical haven
an agent of the truth written down throughout ages
The instant that my pencil touches the page
Im thinking outside of the box and breaking loose from the cage
feeling effects of the moment and a couple days after
conquer the notebook and become the pagemaster
Till I ascend and transcend beyond limits of men
reach end of universe through uno verse of my pen
win/win situation become the voice of a nation
poise myself to be patient and spread my sickness like a patient
ancient wisdom in every word and every rhythm
I spit em with raw aggression professin how hard I hit em
I BECOME..the spirit of the lyric and I spill it till you hear it
When it get into your ear it set fire to desires,
like a riot I incite it and recite it and aspire
..to always take the game a lil higher
When the idea light up, Im pullin all-nighters
Blazin hot stanzas, neighbors scream fire
The inkpen deacon, a beacon of light
speakin and tweakin the weak into might
Thus I lift the game up, let it rest on my shoulders
Proceed without sleep until these cats smell foldgers
Keep rollin like boulders behind Indie Jones
Crank then spit slick ish like motors
Until the load is lifted by my brothers and men
And perhaps knowing my end is at hand I collapse
Body broken but word spoken in lifes span
Smile as I whisper, I'd do it all again
The last becomes my first breath, so here I stand
In full circle to where my 2nd life began
Again to face judgement from the right hand
Eyes see paradise, he speaks, I enter in