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    Default 16 bars 4 runaway

    driving north down 128
    with my music so loud I'm lost in the bass
    my weed is so loud it smells up every space
    inside the ride the little trees been replaced
    by a real tree that makes a friendly face
    out of a frown, yeah this remedy's great
    my style is big nugs theirs plenty shake
    and while i break the scale, they don't have any weight
    how many shots will my enemies take?
    there's few who are true, so many fakes
    that's why i drove fast, didn't squeeze brakes
    headed to a place where i couldn't be traced
    Why don't they show love? What human needs hate?
    and how much sense does feeling envy make?
    just let me be free, light the sensi straight
    blaze it up, till me and my friends be baked

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    sorry I can't listen to the link on this comp that i'm on. what part of northern va you from? I used to live in woodbridge but now I live in spain. Any ways the lyrics seem straight.... its like kind on some fun type shit... with the weed, but still feed a lil bit of serious messages throughout the verse.


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