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    by on 08-10-2014 2:46 PM
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    Long gone are the days when a music producer would visit a record store to dig through old vinyl in hopes of finding a rare track that no other producer has sampled yet, “crate digging” as it was called.

    We now have YouTube and other video streaming websites which have become a goldmine of old tracks just waiting to be sampled, however you’d be hard pressed in finding something that hasn’t been remixed, slowed, throwed or chopped and placed into a new beat. That’s where the fun lies, ...
    by on 26-05-2013 6:31 AM
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    This is a review of the BeatMakers Guide eBook by William Fletcher of FL Beat Makers podcast and FLBeatTutorials.com.

    Covering everything from producing, sampling, mixing, mastering and studio equipment to composing, promoting and selling your original beats, this beat makers guide by William Fletcher of FL Beat Makers podcast and flbeattutorials.com is a must have if you are into creating your own digital music. It is concisely organized and formatted into ...
    by on 26-09-2012 2:23 AM
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    BeatElite recently came to me to ask if I could find a valued Crazy Pellas member to review one of their Logic Pro templates, so I sent out an email looking for interest and eventually chose Beancity (John Bean) to do the review.

    Although this isn't a Music Producer Tip as such, I feel that this is the most appropriate section because indirectly the BeatElite.com music production templates can be invaluable tools to new and experienced music producers.

    Let's see what ...
    by on 22-06-2012 1:01 AM
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    The following Music Producer Tip will give you some tips on how you can mix and master your music to sound professional.

    This article was written by Ill Soul Productions. You can check out his music on SoundCloud and follow him on Twitter.

    So I'm going to share my secret with you and no its not mix better lol

    The problem with a lot of amateur mixes aren't the people perse its the knowledge that is being spread around so the first thing is your going to ...
    by on 25-03-2012 12:49 PM
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    The following Music Producer Tip will give you some tips on how you can become a successful music producer.

    There are a million people out there trying to be music producers and get into the music industry but unfortunately (or fortunately for you) success is not for everyone, here are some tips from Dame Taylor (@ayoDame) to give you a head start in your music career.

    The number one thing you need is Patience; you have got to have patience. The other two are Consistency ...
    by on 04-11-2011 4:53 PM
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    The following Music Producer Tip will describe how you can use twitter to find artists and a&rs to send your beats to.

    Twitter has made it incredibly easy for underground producers to get their beats to major artists and A&R's, it has also helped producers get in touch with and collaborate with underground and upcoming artists.

    Here are a few search queries you can use on Twitter to find artists and A&R's to send your beats to:
    - @ "send beats" ...
    by on 10-10-2011 11:08 PM
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    The following Music Producer Tip will guide you on how to copyright your music and beats by using Copyright.gov.

    Why Should I Copyright My Music or Beats?

    Quite simply it put, it protects you if someone was to steal your songs or beats and claim them as their own or if they were to use your music or beats without your permission.

    In other words, If you don't copyright your music and beats you won't really have much to stand on if someone does steal them and use ...
    by on 10-10-2011 4:02 PM
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    This Music Producer Tip will explain why it is important to have good people skills in the music business as a producer / audio engineer.

    This is a business where you are face to face with various people at multiple points in time, then again you may be doing work via the internet and never see that person.

    Regardless tone of voice, body language and how say things. Those are the three biggest things to become a good music producer or audio engineer.

    by on 10-10-2011 12:56 PM
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    This Music Producer Tip will give you ideas and advice of how you can make yourself and your beats stand out from all the other producers.

    Find A Niche

    Find a niche or a couple niches that you can focus on and stick with.

    A niche can be the genre a genre of music you decide to focus on whether it is dubstep, dirty south, rnb, pop, east coast, west coast or whatever.

    In an ideal world you might want to produce all genres of music, but would you ...

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