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    by on 23-01-2017 1:39 AM
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    "Forward to F.Y." is the latest single from singer/songwriter Mistah J / MRJ. He describes his music as Hip Hop, R&B, with a tinge of Pop. Check it out!

    Check out more from Mistah J / MRJ on YouTube and Twitter!

    by on 14-01-2017 4:48 PM
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    The Old Me is the latest album from professional recording artist Young Torch, this album is unique in many ways and is no doubt one of the best albums of 2016-2017. With hits singles like Distance and Off Off Off every song tells a story of what he use to be and what he's has planned for the future. This album is truly a work of art.

    1. Intro (3:31)
    2. Fuck What You Think (3:19)
    3. Toni Montanafeat. Cappah
    by on 13-01-2017 4:35 PM
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    Check out Young Tykoon's first hip hop album titled SKVNN DIVMND. We hope you enjoy listening to this different set of hip hop sounds and stories told from this album as much as we did!

    1. Kim K Prod. by Majestic (2:38)
    2. Like It Like This (Prod. by Josh Petruccio) (3:58)
    3. Money (Prod. by Omnibeats) (3:00)
    4. New Wave (Prod. by SuperstaarbBeats) (5:09)
    5. NWA (Prod. by GHXST)
    by on 07-01-2017 6:50 PM
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    FREE, is a young rapper/producer out of Miami, FL with a refreshingly alternative take on the generations ever-changing music scene.As a founding member of BISON, FREE Quotes the notion "LIGHT, LIFE, LOVE" looking to restore the culture with wholistic art,music,clothing,and vegan lifestyle.

    1. Infinity (Prod. The Alchemist)
    2. Feeling (Prod. FREE)
    3. Dade Raised
    by on 04-01-2017 10:30 PM
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    Check out 3L Duke's latest mixtape "We Want Now" featuring artists Mike Monifa, Jimmy Rocket, 3L Huncho, Kenny Guapo, and KDuke!

    1. 3L Duke - (intro) (3:07)
    2. 3L Duke & Mike Monifa - Thankful (3:14)
    3. 3L Duke - Gone now (2:37)
    4. 3L Duke & Mike Monifa - Make bands (4:41)
    5. 3L Duke feat Jimmy Rocket - Down bad (3:07)
    6. 3L Duke & Mike
    by on 01-01-2017 2:16 PM
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    Lets kick off the new year with an incredible mixtape from upcoming artist COBBY, FTFIWTC!

    1. Intro (4:40)
    2. Fuck the Fame ft. 7Roundz (3:20)
    3. No Respect (4:21)
    4. Belichick (3:44)
    5. Juicer (3:45)
    6. Just Barz (3:48)
    7. Jugg4Sale (3:44)
    8. Turn Up (3:16)
    9. Lick (4:12)
    10. Shooters (2:55)
    11. Extortion (4:20)
    12. Phantom
    by on 27-12-2016 2:31 PM
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    Emerging From The Dark is J-Mel's debut mixtape and its a compilation of all the best of what he's got and wants to show to the world. Includes 2 bonus tracks with purchase.

    1. Lets Emerge (Intro) (00:22)
    2. Take a Shot (03:49)
    3. On Go (03:10)
    4. The Enemy (03:48)
    5. Love lost Remix (03:05)
    6. 1000 (03:14)
    7. Shining The Lights (03:20)
    8. I Wont Stop (03:48)
    9. No Tellin
    by on 17-12-2016 10:08 PM
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    Lokus and The Chef have come together to mash their immersive Electronic/Hip-Hop sounds together to rattle your brain, blow up your speakers, burst your eardrums, and blast your face off!

    1. Bass Bangin' Beats (Intro)
    2. Knock 'Em Dead
    3. Interlude
    4. Monster Party
    5. Dark Soul
    6. Party! Party! Party!
    7. Holla At Me (Outro)

    Bio's: ...
    by on 17-12-2016 10:35 AM
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    Yeung Human is a Boston MA based Hip-Hop / Trip-Hop Music Producer, Drummer and DJ. Check out his new album "The Primary Anomaly", out now everywhere!

    1. As a Riddlist (00:55)
    2. Lost (02:18)
    3. DarkSide of the Satellite (02:04)
    4. Locustz (02:16)
    5. Calamity War (01:25)
    6. Miew2 (02:21)
    7. Fantasy Factory (03:37)
    8. Gewn (04:13)
    9. HvrdWired
    by on 03-12-2016 10:04 AM

    Brand new music video for "Chrome" by Eloheem (duo composed of uk rapper OPM and french rapper Sauveur)

    by on 01-12-2016 11:35 PM
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    Activate EP is the newest release from T-Concr3at. Activate The Album Coming Soon.

    1. Dubble Up (feat. Realistay) (3:35)
    2. Sum Fun (3:33)
    3. Get Fucced Up (feat. Clayface) (4:03)
    4. Lost N Da Sauce (feat. Lil Half) (4:21)
    5. S.O.P. (3:53)
    6. Nikes By Da Door (3:39)

    Check out more from T-Concr3at/We So Active on Twitter: @WeSoActiveEnt and Instagram: wesoactive!

    by on 01-12-2016 2:00 PM
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    Combining atmospheric sounds, orchestral instruments, and trap influences, Danny G Tha Saviour has created a new avantgarde sound.

    1. Who Is Saviour? (04:07)
    2. Darkside (03:29)
    3. Eliminate (03:58)
    4. Cream Cheese (04:25)
    5. Rusty Arrow (04:34)
    6. Add the U (04:15)
    7. Live (03:13)
    8. Careful (03:30)
    9. I'll Be Back (02:51)
    10. Nervous Dreams (04:15)
    11. Poet (04:06)
    by on 27-11-2016 9:47 PM
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    Anatymous is the latest album from hip hop artist NatStar, whom we recently interviewed. The album is also available as a mobile app!

    01. Anatymous
    02. Roulette (ft. Enessa)
    03. F*** Hollywood (ft. Grammer)
    04. 2Kold
    05. No Lie (ft. Keith Murray)
    06. Gone (ft. Chai Tulani)
    07. Dagga
    08. Gimme
    09. PSA (ft. Phlye, Scoot & EE Clark)
    by on 23-11-2016 11:29 AM

    Feerce is a Powerhouse Artist from the inner city slums of Newark, NJ formally signed to Arista Records and Elektra Records. Feerce chose to go an alternative route for more creative control over his project. He is an Independent Artist with a Unique sound which is unpredictable, and Invincible in comparison to thee redundancy going on in Hip Hop.

    Check out his latest single "Body Somebody"!

    by on 21-11-2016 2:44 PM
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    "We Gone Win" is a motivational hip hop anthem from Ryder! Check it out!

    Check out more from Ryder on Instagram, Twitter, and SoundCloud!


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