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    by on 29-07-2015 9:52 PM
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    Notar is a unique twist on Rap, Rock, and Soul with emotional depth sure to capture the listener.

    Listen to more from Notar:

    by on 19-07-2015 11:16 PM
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    Nur N. Eytan a.k.a Prior Peak is a Software Developer, and DJ/Producer from Tel-Aviv, Israel who writes electronic music that is deep, experimental and is inspired by unique sources like sounds in the street and scientific numeric constants. He's just released a new playlist on SoundCloud called "Like No Other", check it out below!

    Is there a story behind your name Prior Peak?
    Super heroes' ...
    by on 15-07-2015 3:20 PM
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    Bluesanova is a 34 years old electronic music producer from India. He is on the verge of releasing his second album, Letting Go.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this interview Bluesanova. Tell us a bit about yourself, your name, age, where you’re from and an interesting fact if you like...
    Hey Guys,

    My name is Darshan Lodaya, I am called Bluesanova. I am 34 years old and I'm an electronic music producer from India.

    by on 14-07-2015 9:52 PM
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    Classic Wonder Entertainment delivers a brand-new mixtape entitled “Exquisite RnB & Hip Hop Summer 2015″. 1 hour of the latest mainstream RnB & Hip Hop music in one mix. Featuring Chris Brown, Trey Songz, J-Hus, Dem Man Der, Tyga, Ty Dolla $ign, Omarion, Peter Jackson, Wash, Alkaline, Krept & Konan, Vybz Kartel, Jidenna, Silento, Yung Dro, JME, Giggs, Vic Mensa, Chedda Da ...
    by on 08-07-2015 10:12 PM

    Captivity is a song by winning Singer Songwriter Rachelle Rhienne about freeing yourself from a difficult situation and becoming more independent. A personal story and one she feels listeners can relate to.

    Hear more from Rachelle:

    by on 04-07-2015 6:29 AM

    Great Dance track from Netherland's DJ Reyer track produced by Ken Mary of Alice Cooper Band.

    by on 02-07-2015 1:37 PM
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    Ieskay is a rapper who is releasing his album "Cause I'm EP" on July 6 2015.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this interview Ieskay.

    Is there a story behind your name?
    Hi, my name is Ieskay, many call me Leskay, it's annoying (laughs) and my real name Sergey (smile)

    How long have you been rapping?
    I've been rapping for almost two years, but I started to get interested in it about 5 years ago.

    What ...
    by on 27-06-2015 10:16 PM
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    TwErK -Instrumental - Prod by TheGentleman - 2015

    The Gentleman is a Hip Hop music producer and music marketing consultant, currently located in Willingboro, New Jersey. Working with artists from the ground up, he is hand-on in the process from producing their music to developing their brand and online identity. Also known as the Eastside King, he has ...
    by on 24-06-2015 1:29 PM
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    Tomer Ron is a 22-year-old trumpet player and jazz composer, currently living in Los Angeles. After graduating from Berklee College of Music on a full-ride scholarship, Tomer moved out to Los Angeles where he works as a trumpet player for bands, films and events. Throughout his career, Tomer performed with jazz legends such as Eddie Gomez and Terri Lyne Carrington, played in the Blue Note NYC, EUROPAFest (Romania), Baranquiijazz Festival (Colombia) and the Red Sea Jazz Festival (Israel), and recorded ...
    by on 19-06-2015 12:55 AM
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    Ross Barber is an artist, web/graphic designer, performer and music enthusiast from Glasgow, Scotland. He is the co-founder and co-host of creative industries podcast “Bridge The Atlantic,” he is also the founder of Electric Kiwi, a design service for bands and musicians.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this interview Ross, please introduce yourself and let us know your experience of the music industry...
    Hello! First off, thanks so much for the opportunity. ...
    by on 08-06-2015 2:40 AM
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    Billy Grima is a 48 years old singer from Blacktown NSW Australia who is currently working on his next album.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this interview Billy Grima. Tell us a bit about yourself, your name, age, where you're from and an interesting fact if you like...
    My name is Billy Grima, born in Blacktown NSW Australia.I am 48 years old. I started singing in a church choir at the age of 8 years old and I knew at that time, that singing was my calling. ...
    by on 06-06-2015 10:57 PM
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    jCrizzy is a Rap, Hip Hop, and R&B artist who is working on his debut album, "The Life", due to be released this summer.

    Is there a story behind your name J.Crizzy?
    My name is based off of my real name. I was thinking of a whole bunch of names and this one was the best one!

    How long have you been rapping?
    I have been rapping for about 5 years now, 3 years seriously, meaning when I finally decided to follow my ...
    by on 04-06-2015 12:03 AM
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    Ariel de Lion is an Israeli-American, Brooklyn based Artist, Musician and Entrepreneur. As both a conceptualist, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Ariel has led several musical and Art projects most known by DE///LION, Punk hapoalim, Casino Ayalon, She Lion and Hostel Ayalon. Best known for his Multidisciplinary approach, He is also the creative force and founder of the Start-up company and Brooklyn Art collective, Music Wagon. The founder of the Lower East Side radio station, LES.FM at the Ludlow ...
    by on 03-06-2015 9:33 PM
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    1. BMB SpaceKid - Welcome To D! 02:37
    2. Imajin - No Doubt [BMB SpaceKid remix] 02:45
    3. BMB SpaceKid - Believe [Tribute 2 J Dilla] 02:37
    4. Busta Rhymes - It's a Party x Zhan [BMB SpaceKid remix] 03:56
    5. BMB SpaceKid X Shungu - My Clip [feat. Jungles Brothers] 04:01
    6. Lauryn Hill - Doo Wop Dat Thing [BMB SpaceKid remix] 02:54
    7. BMB SpaceKid -United Hip-Hop Tape [cuts: B-Real,Snoop Dogg,Fugees] 04:02 ...
    by on 02-06-2015 11:08 PM
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    Your career began obviously in Chicago in the early 2000's. When you initially started doing production and everything behind the boards, what were some of the things that inspired you to pick up the business and marketing side of the game at some point?
    I’ve always been curious but impressed at the same time about the music industry and the business side of it from the start. But what happens is when you're a musician, a lot of the passion initially is in the music. But what's ...

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