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Thread: (F4F) - Sad Face (Instrumental-Song) - Prod. By Tumen (SENTIMENTAL, DEEP)

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    Default (F4F) - Sad Face (Instrumental-Song) - Prod. By Tumen (SENTIMENTAL, DEEP)

    hey guys

    just finished this joint here. let me know what you think. Make sure to post ur link here and i'll give you a feedback aswell.

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    Default Re: (F4F) - Sad Face (Instrumental-Song) - Prod. By Tumen (SENTIMENTAL, DEEP)

    If you tighten up your mixing a bit you have some really dope tracks fam. Unless you are just making them for listening and BGM purposes. Right now I can hear artists that would be good for them but they are just very wide in the mixing. Also correct me if I am wrong please. Should a mix be that wide if so, teach me how to widen my mixes up a bit here, because I am speaking from my own knowledge as you may know more than I do.

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