Lucidsamples is celebrating the beginning of Spring. The released several new multi samples packs and updated some other ones.

There is a huge difference between traditnional samples and multisamples. The first ones are a set of basic sounds recorded from an instrument. The sounds after loading into a software instrument are manipulated to get desired pitch. The second group contains a large collection of single, layered samples taken from an instrument. As multisamples are all possible sounds that instrument can produce, they reflect the character of the instrument, not only its sound. The other advantage is they are more easily finetuned. Multi-samples come mostly in Soundfont (SF2 or SFZ) or Reason NN-XT (SXT) formats and need a special plugin to be used in your favorite DAW software.

All the following multi-samples have been created by Lucidsamples and are available only through their website. For each item there is sound preview available.

Ultra Dance Leads Vol 3 - the most recent volume of successful multi samples series, recorded from classic hardware NORD synthesizers;
Ultra Dance Leads Bundle - a pack of all three volumes at price reduced by 25%;
House and Garage Basslines - over 200 MIDI bass sounds and over 400 bass loops;
Ultimate Power Synths - a large collection of one shot synths useful in many different music genres;
Dubstep Multis - a collection of heavy sound Dubstep multisamples.

Ultra Dance Leads Vol. 1;
Ultra Dance Leads Vol. 2;
Ultra Dance Leads Bundle;
Electro House Multi Samples;
Minimal Heaven Vol. 1.
To see the full list of updated sample packs, check their blog post. Each updated product can be re-downloaded for free. You can also request other sample packs updates there.