“On To The Next”, is the R&B/Pop singers latest hit, giving an ode to the new cuffing season underway. The Dallas based artist has a lot going for himself with new music, working out of Birdman’s studio in Miami, and a new album on the way very soon.

The new record embodies, a relationship going left after a series of events take place leading up to a heartbroken free person. Similar to a anthem for the newly single, Hen may have given Beyonce a run for her money! Maturing as an individual, and growing in relationships has been the inspiration behind the single, and for many thats more than relatable.

The visual brings to life being single an on the prowl as Hen stars, with featured artist Yng Reel, in a great trip to Miami! Filled with beautiful women and great scenery its the perfect setup for an aspiring bachelor. Since this isn’t J-Hen’s breakout record it will only prove that consistency refines the artist for more success.

With a soulful suavity, the slow, smooth flow of his songs and the fast hyped dance tones will have clubbers gravitating to the dance floors. Listeners will definitely be pulled in by J-Hen's track's sassy style and tenacious lyrics. Also, along with those tracks J-Hen introduces you to his music videos where he invites his listening audience into a realm where his visuals tell stories that will resonate with the core of your soul.

J-Hen says having a strong faith in God, integrity, and a willingness to not accept defeat is what helps him stay grounded and with the backing of his independent label and management team, HipStars Entertainment, J-Hen is showing the world that he is on his way with his incredible writing skills and vocal talent. Follow J-Hen on his musical journey as he will not disappoint.