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Thread: Finally back after a dry spell (Weird Gumby bg music sample flip) [4 beats in 1]

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    Icon5 Finally back after a dry spell (Weird Gumby bg music sample flip) [4 beats in 1]

    School finals + holidays + a bunch of other bullshit been keeping me away from music

    Trying to work my way back in with some creative exploration; so I found this weird little gumby sample and to get the juices flowing I decided to flip it into 4 different beats and try to merge them all into one hip-hop movement instrumental



    The beat changes about every 45 seconds into a whole new flip of the sample so jump around

    The flip is pretty strange in itself -- on top of that, I set it to some really trippy claymation video. People didn't really take to it....Oh well.
    My only regret is the bass is super deep so it's kinda only present if you've got a nice sub or a solid pair of headphones

    Let me know what you guys think of this -- I'm interested to hear (good or bad) cause I know this shit is odd, but I'm honestly pretty happy on how it came out

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    Default Re: Finally back after a dry spell (Weird Gumby bg music sample flip) [4 beats in 1]

    Yoooo I'm tripping!!! As odd as this track is, I'm actually digging it. That sample choice is way out there beyond the norm, that stands out first of all. It's almost playful... The erratic drum patterns really define it, and give it a complexity that's hard to explain. This isn't a track meant to be danced to or even nod ya head type track. Plain and simple you just listen. You know I can think of one MC who could pull of a vocal on this and really make it work....MF DOOM!!! Keep going out there bruh trying something new is what blazes new trails.


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