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Thread: "All The Way Down" - Glen Hansard

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    Default "All The Way Down" - Glen Hansard

    this is my flip

    and this is a youtube link to the original
    [nomedia=""]YouTube- Glen Hansard - All The Way Down[/nomedia]

    im sure u guys can figure out where to dl it on your own. feedback is greatly appreciated, btw im nowhere near finished with this

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    Default Re: "All The Way Down" - Glen Hansard

    Nice...I like it. Feeling the drum choice. This reminds me of the ending movie music.

    Check my track out

    I like rainy days..because not only is my day messed up... so is everyone elses!

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    Default Re: "All The Way Down" - Glen Hansard

    neat sample. I wanna try it.
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    need rappers badly. send us your acapellas!!

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    Default Re: "All The Way Down" - Glen Hansard

    That flip was straight fire defbk420, i never would of thought of that

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    Default Re: "All The Way Down" - Glen Hansard

    thx for the feed guys, im just checkin the site after like a month haha


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