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Thread: Alicia Myers - Better Woman, Or Bigger Fool

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    Registered User djgordon's Avatar
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    03 Jul 2010
    Toronto, ON

    Icon12 Alicia Myers - Better Woman, Or Bigger Fool

    Alicia Myers - Better Woman Or Bigger Fool (Direct Download, Dropbox Link)

    I've completed two versions of this song, for now check out what i did with it, called: "Foolish, Part 1"

    Youtube Link: [nomedia=""]YouTube- Foolish, Part 1 (Alicia Myers Sample)[/nomedia]

    What do you think ?
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    Default Re: Alicia Myers - Better Woman, Or Bigger Fool

    Track is aiight...I'm not sure what but something is missing. it's probably cause I'm listening to it while on my laptop...and you know laptop speakers are micro

    I like rainy days..because not only is my day messed up... so is everyone elses!

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    Default Re: Alicia Myers - Better Woman, Or Bigger Fool

    sick rnb sound to it.. tank or mario should hope on this lol

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