The necessity of mastered music cannot be overlooked in recent times. With high competition in the music market, musicians canít afford to forgo mastering services. Mastering is the perfection that is added to the musical track, to make it sound clear and loud. The mastering engineer tweaks the sound to make it sound crisp and clear. This is made possible by the mastering engineer as he or she has years of experience in music making. The mastering engineer has the ears to find the fault, which are overlooked by a recording engineer. A recording engineer might be good at his work but may not be able to track some issues, which are easily tracked by the mastering engineer. The recording engineer listens to the track a number of times. This makes him prone to the some subtle deficiencies in the quality of song. These deficiencies are then restored by the mastering engineer in the process of mastering. Mastering involves adding eq and compression wherever needed. This is highly useful when the track is released for commercial sale in the market. When a mastered track is played alongside the non-mastered or amateur track, the difference is obvious. Mastering is preparing the music for the market. It renders balance, dynamics and space to the musical tracks. It adjusts the gaps between the sings in case of multiple tracks and makes it sound mastering serviceis hugely beneficial for those who have less time and budgets to get their music mastered.