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Thread: NeptuneZ LapDancE ReMiX w/ my Fantom

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    Default NeptuneZ LapDancE ReMiX w/ my Fantom

    I was workin on beats and this beat popped on from whatever movie was on tv. So I remade it. But its my own version. its still cool, and setup for a 3 verse song. i'm probably gonna use it on my own demo album, if i finish it lol.

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    Default Re: NeptuneZ LapDancE ReMiX w/ my Fantom

    It's hot. I do prefer the original though only because I think there is some live instrumentation in it. But your remake is on point, it sound 95% just like it, minus a couple keyboards that I didn't hear

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    Default Re: NeptuneZ LapDancE ReMiX w/ my Fantom

    This is a nice remake. The real version iz better. But I like this too. Nice worky, worky. lol


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    Default Re: NeptuneZ LapDancE ReMiX w/ my Fantom

    Link doesnt work.
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