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Thread: J Dilla - Workinonit remake

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    Default J Dilla - Workinonit remake

    I was having some serious creative block one day. So to try to get past it I re-made this song because a couple days before I dl'd the samples album for donuts. I think it's pretty damn close to the original.

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    It sounds close... but there's a lot of differences. The drums are pretty on point... but the sample didn't seem 2a be filtered the same. And if you listen to the beginnin the guitar melody is different.

    And it soundin like you made this as a recreation, yea, but alotta stuff juss cuts in and it don't make sense. Whether or not that happens on Dilla's I dunno cuz i'm not listenin to it.

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    That's how Dillas is, I admit the speed is a little off, I think Dillas might be a touch slower, but all the shit cutting in randomly is how Dilla chopped it, and I didn't really filter it, I was more focused just on the chop, I didn't put much into it as far as filtering or anything.

    I also don't have all the sound effects that Dilla I said, I was just bored, I wasn't trying to make it perfect, I was just trying to see if I could learn something new as far as chopping went

    I guess I should have said all this in the original post shouldn't I have :D

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    Default Re: J Dilla - Workinonit remake

    Man all i can say is i love that remake
    good work .... the feeling from this track is
    just ill man , just ill

    peace peace


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    Default Re: J Dilla - Workinonit remake

    shit man, if only u did it first,lol.
    good effort, that would have driven me bonkers, i hope it cleared ur block.
    i think u got it maybe half a beat to fast? donuts is my bible so its good to no there is more like me out there.
    Dilla and 10cc would be proud, peace.

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    Default Re: J Dilla - Workinonit remake

    DILLA IS THE MAN (RIP) You got pretty close man, this was great!
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    Default Re: J Dilla - Workinonit remake

    Thanks for the comments, I gave up on this post a while didn't seem like anybody was interested so I stopped checking it. I just kind of said "what the hell lemme see if anybody replied."


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