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Thread: Crank Dat - Soulja Boy Remake

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    Not bad remaking this beat. I'm not a fan of soulja boy though. Like someone said before, the piano is kinda off. Otherwise it sounds pretty goood.

    good job

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    Lol Sorry Dude, But I Remade This Beat (God Knows Why) Awhile Back... Its So Simple, Its All Fruity Loops Stock Sounds... Tis Pretty Easy To Do

    But Still... Props Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin View Post
    I know this thread is kind of old, but the tempo of this track is 140 BPM, not 70.

    Soulja Boy did the song in double tempo and, ironically enough, 140 happens to be the default setting on FL Studio.

    As far as this remake goes, it is very close (then again, it should be as this isn't a hard song to remake for anyone familiar with FL Studio).

    lol he didnt know to change the tempo or what?

    thats a nice remake.

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    Default Re: Crank Dat - Soulja Boy Remake

    It's good, just change the kick at da end of da verse and the piano. Poor Soulja...
    Did ya miss me CP?

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