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    Default working with reason

    does anyone know how to import wave files into music arrangements when making an instramental with reason 4?

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    you can do it with the redrum...thats about it

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    Default Re: working with reason

    You can do this with the NN-19, NN-XT, or Redrum. The NN-19 you hit the folder icon more towards the more towards the top middle and for the NN-XT you need hit the arrow at the bottom of it to open the rest and it should be on the top left. I recommend the NN-XT because you get more control and you can add more than one wav file and use them as choke groups and alot more.

    If you mean like where you can actually see the wave forms like how you do wit Cubase Sonar Protools on a tracked out song, something like this....

    then this is not the daw for that. Its possible to do a track like that but once you stop the song you cant play and resume the audio it only plays from the point it starts. Basically pointless and is a waste of time frustrating yourself.

    I haven't used reason in a while *cracks open reason*

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