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Thread: What's the easiest way...

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    Default What's the easiest way...

    to get a bunch of tracks the same volume?

    I'm making a cd and a couple tracks are kinda quiet compared to the other ones I just want to get them all on the same volume level


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    there r some programs that wen u burn tha cd it asks if u want to make tha tracks all tha same roxio.prolly nero too

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    Default Re: What's the easiest way...

    when burning them onto cd
    you can use Nero and it will do it for you

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    Default Re: What's the easiest way...

    yeah, i have this problem too.

    i was just thinking to get someone to do it by ear

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    Just put all of your audio in one big file in Goldwave, and use the Equalize Volume function. Then reseperate them.

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    How about normalize? It's included in most software (Audition, Soundforge...). Yall need to learn to expiriment a little with your shit.

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    just normalizing is gonna diminish the quality tho

    but whatever i just lowered the volume on the ones that were too loud so its all good now


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