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Thread: What Program Do You Use To Chop Your Sample?

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    Default Re: What Program Do You Use To Chop Your Sample?

    i feel u but with just the plain fruity slicer u can import whatever sample u wanna use and chop it to whatever tempo u have ur beat at so it fits perfect and u can lower and raise the pitch in ur sample without it changing the tempo in ur sample

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    Default Re: What Program Do You Use To Chop Your Sample?

    Slicer X is like having edison+slicer combined into one plugin, thats all you need no outside program just drag and drop..

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    Default Re: What Program Do You Use To Chop Your Sample?

    mpc1000 with the new jjos.

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    Default Re: What Program Do You Use To Chop Your Sample?

    I use Audacity to get the main part then i import it to FL Studio and I use SliceX to chop it up

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    Default Re: What Program Do You Use To Chop Your Sample?

    Quote Originally Posted by deletedbeatz View Post
    Damn! I know that plug in will work wonders for me. I still use FL Studio 4.LOL...I know. I use it because when I sample shit I like to use that auto-fit feature
    it still has the auto fit feature, click you sample, then in the time stretching section,
    right click time, set it to how many bars, beats you want or let it auto adjust....

    then, where it says resample, put it to tonal if you want it to keep the same pitch...

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    Default Re: What Program Do You Use To Chop Your Sample?

    yeah Fruity Slicer is where its at, im much more prolific with my beats now cus i mainly sample

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    Default Re: What Program Do You Use To Chop Your Sample?

    audicity is the shiznit
    but I see ppl chop samples in FL

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    Default Re: What Program Do You Use To Chop Your Sample?

    yo! what it iz "RePeat" I know Im a little late posting a reply to this thread, but I had to put my 2centz in on this one. Choppin up samplez for one can be done in so many wayz it ain't even funny. as I've read from the other reply's. I started out choppin samplez like everybody else, with a MPC 2000xl. Now that we are in the Software age, I had to move up to Recycle 2.1 which ain't bad at all. But the on piece of software that I find to be the the best for choppin(in my opinion) is Izotope Phatmatik pro

    pHATmatik PRO

    pHATmatik PRO allows you to break an audio file into rhythmic slices and manipulate those slices individually by applying filter, pitch and volume modulation. From there you can loop, rearrange, or play the slices with your MIDI keyboard.
    That's just the beginning

    Once your loop is loaded into pHATmatik PRO, it becomes an expressive instrument in its own right. Love the sound of the original groove, but the timing isn't quite right? Change it. Quickly, seamlessly, and without effort. Use the groove of one loop to trigger the samples of another. Create entirely new grooves from stale loop libraries that you thought would never again see the light of day. pHATmatik PRO picks up where your DAW leaves off: instead of just playing back a loop as static audio, pHATmatik PRO lets you play your loop like an instrument. Create fills, breakdowns, or completely new grooves from your loops.

    pHATmatik PRO gives the musician an unprecedented amount of control over each sound in the loop. Did you ever think you could put reverb on just the snares? Well now you can. With pHATmatik PRO's four stereo outs, you can buss each snare, kick, or syllable to a different channel in your host and process it to your heart's content. Your way. Your music. No boundaries.

    Each 'slice' in your loop has independent settings for gain, pan, pitch, and a super-pHAT 2-pole multimode resonant filter. There are fully independent ADSR envelopes for gain, pitch, and filter cutoff per slice. In addition, each slice has an independent loop mode and loop points: reverse slices on the fly, ping-pong them back and forth, or turn that trash-can snare into a haunting granular soundscape. No limits.

    All your effect....
    If playing back audio seamlessly at any tempo and mind-boggling per-slice options aren't enough, each of pHATmatik PRO's sixteen channels features a comprehensive master section: tempo-synced delay; two sample-accurate, tempo-synced LFOs; a truly mind-bending comb filter; evil distortion and an analog-modeled multi-mode resonant filter. Of course everything can be controlled by envelopes, and pHATmatik PRO's simple but powerful modulation matrix makes any routing configuration you can imagine a snap. With all this sound mangling power, a single loop can generate hundreds of unrecognizable variations in just a few minutes of tweakin

    More is better:
    If one pHATmatik PRO is good, sixteen must be better, right? pHATmatik PRO breaks the constraints of limited virtual instrument slots in your host with a sixteen-part multitimbral implementation that gives musicians the awesome power of sixteen pHATmatik PRO's in one VSTi slot. Load up sixteen loops, play them all back at the same time, all in tempo, all ready to be twisted to your creative needs. And don't worry about having to choose between another loop and that killer vocal reverb: pHATmatik PRO was designed from the ground up to treat your CPU with respect.

    Not a user Interface, a Musician Interface:
    pHATmatik PRO makes all this power easy and intuitive to use. pHATmatik PRO's interface provides streamlined workflow, dead-easy midi learn automation, and an integrated loop browser that gives you the ability to preview entire directories of loops in just seconds. Working with loop-based content has never been easier or more integrated with your creative process.

    Its a really Fresh piece of software to have!

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    Default Re: What Program Do You Use To Chop Your Sample?

    I used phatmatik i think last yr. It was hot I was all ready had my samples arranged, then i noticed there's no note cut off, polyphony, or choke groups everything just overlaps. Say like you have two samples then hit one then hit the other right after they'll both overlap. If it had that then it will be perfect. You still can make use of it for drums or a looped sample but making a beat with multiple chops wont work out to well. That's what really made me turn to kontakt.

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    Default Re: What Program Do You Use To Chop Your Sample?

    I use the "chopper" in Acid. Then I throw it in the NNXT or Redrum in Reason

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