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Thread: What is so hard about replying!??!?!

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    Default What is so hard about replying!??!?!

    I dont fucking get it i reply to everybody people even pm me and e-mail me asking me to listen to they shit and I reply i play people shit on CP radio give everybody love no matter how horrible or good they are

    And When i post something I get replies from the same 4 people and if i happen to get a reply for someone else its cause i prolly pmed them and asked them to check it out or spammed the Shoutbox and i don't think that is for. Not to me not to anybody

    People like me Dj shawne Fabonick WE REPLY TO EVERRRRYONE!!! Like we dont just look at the first thing on tha top and give a shitty reply just look at our talant points

    I think anyone who is an extra active member in the talant fourms should have over 100 talant points..if you don't you should be asking yourself if you are replying as much as your posting

    Im not bitching but its annoying when you work hard on something and you try to get some feedback to better yourself and nobody replies but then someone comes and post like 3 tracks on top of yours and about an hour later your shit is pushed so far down the screen that nobody is going to listen to it unless you bump your own thread and thats sad.

    I have started debumping threads and trying to bump people with no replies to the top and THEY STILL NOT GETTING NO LOVE

    I dont get it..what is so hard about replying to the people that reply to you? what is so hard about taking the time out of your day to listen to other peoples shit? we are all trying to get better and if people are replying how will that happen?

    I think the talant fourms are full of selfish mothafuckas. People who want respect and love for what they do but don't want to extend it to others and that is bad.... we need to come up with a solution because i can't continue to go into the talant sections and see people with 0 replies while others have pages of replies..what is wrong with that?

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    Default Re: What is so hard about replying!??!?!

    That's exactly what's wrong with Hip-Hop too.

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    Default Re: What is so hard about replying!??!?!

    Boyz are just stuck on they self now Dayz.....Nobody wants you to be or do better than them....

    I done heard some nice rap with beats with no replies.....and thats sad....Other Rappers and Beat maker just got they head stuck up they asses..but trust'll get no where being stuck on yo self....

    Its Kool to think that your the Best rapper or Beat Maker.....but you gotta Keep It 100 with the rest of the boyz that do the same thang that you do....


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    Default Re: What is so hard about replying!??!?!

    Here are some reasons as to why I don't post feedback in a specific thread:

    1. The feedback that I have in mind has been mentioned multiple times. If my post can't contribute to the discussion in some way, shape, or form, I'm not going to post.

    2. I rarely post up items for feedback, and in the event that I decide to post up a piece for feedback, I have plenty of talent points to do so. There's no need for me to give out additional feedback unless I feel like doing so, which is rarely the case.

    Here's the thing. If you feel that you aren't receiving enough feedback here, then post your track at other forums that allow this kind of thing (such as Future Producers). If you aren't willing to do that, then I guess you'll have to provide feedback to yourself.

    The best way to increase the feedback numbers would be to increase the talent point requirements to make a new post. I believe that it is currently set at three points for a new topic. If this number were increased to five, or even ten, people would be forced to give feedback. Other than that, the current trend is going to continue and people will just have to deal with it.
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