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Thread: West Coast Synth?

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    Icon5 West Coast Synth?

    I don't know what this synth is called,but I know people who use Fl Studio who use this sytnh, this is use on most west coast rap(dr dre,eazy-e,snoop dogg,almost all of the west). The traditional whistle synth like this.

    [ame=]YouTube - GFunk Beat[/ame]


    [ame=]YouTube - Califas west coast Style Beat[/ame]

    here a example of what I mean^


    Can someone tell me what this synth is called and how I can make it in fl studio?

    program name?


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    Thats basic synthesis. Its called a lead and can be found on 90 percent of additive or subtractive synths. If you have a synth and have a option to change how many voices it has change it to 1. I know for one shot wav samples you can sort of make your own by going into the misc tab in channels, then go to polyphony and click porta. Its better with a synth tho. Try albino it has alot of leads. Theres tons of them in FL already tho.

    If you don't have a keyboard try using your letter keys because if your just browsing through sounds you will probably miss it. The number of voices represent how many keys can be heard at the same time. You need to hold a key down while pressing another to get that sound. It took me forever to figure that out myself when I didn't have a keyboard. You can also overlap the notes in the piano roll.

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    Default Re: West Coast Synth?

    check in vsts like rapture, morphine and hypersonic.... i also have a fst. setting.. pm me 4 more info

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    I got the synth,But I dont understand the basic to make it sound like that other less than to put the pitch up,turn the mono,and play it high...

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    In Reason 4 its in Thor its called Gangsta Lead i think lol.

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    ^^^ I think so ^^^

    but yeah its a lead so it has to do with the polyphony. holding one key then hitting one in a different octave gives it that sound. & so on

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    In Hypersonic 2, theres the sound called Ghostly Rave you can tweak to get it, and it sounds kinda like a saw too...
    Did ya miss me CP?

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