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Thread: Want to buy a keyboard

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    Default Want to buy a keyboard

    Im trying to buy a keyboard to make beats im looking for something that is reasoneabley (sp) for a beginner producer, if someone can help me pick out one or go over which keyboards are best that would be great

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    Default Re: Want to buy a keyboard

    set your prize

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    Default Re: Want to buy a keyboard

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    Default Re: Want to buy a keyboard

    It really depends on what you want to do, create music from a single unit, or use the keyboard to controll software synths, and or Hardware synth modules. Here are a couple of links with some decent info for noobs:

    Tips on Buying a Keyboard for your Home or Project Studio

    Guide to Compact MIDI Keyboard Controllers


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    Default Re: Want to buy a keyboard

    I kind of don't believe in beginner keyboards. Usually keyboards are not complicated, as long as you take a small amount of time to actually learn what else it does. Most of the time when you start off small you just want somethin bigger when you get the hang of it. For the most part they are keys and they work the same way. Just make sure you are connectible, compatible, and comfortable. Excluding tritons, motifs, fantoms, etc.

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    Default Re: Want to buy a keyboard

    i read some of the info from wat i can gather since i plan on making hip hop music i should get a MIDI controller with a USB interface so i can put drum kits on it(i have downloaded a lot so far) and ill just plug into fruity loops to record the sound correct? and is this one good to get?-->
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    Default Re: Want to buy a keyboard

    like what everyone else said it depends what u wanna do. if u want a keyboard that u can compose and sequence all in one u might wanna look into a workstation (i prefer the motif) but if u run off mostly software a midi keyboard is all u need i also have a korg k25 i use with fl and it works just fine for me

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    i dont want a workstation cuz i wanna use a keyboard with my Fruity Loops and i looked up the korg k25 and its says its discontinued also does anyone know any good keyboards that have the MIDI pads along with they keys?

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    Default Re: Want to buy a keyboard

    hit up ebay and search midi keyboards u can find whatever ur looking for my opinion korg, m audio and akai makes the best midi products

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