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    How do you change the pitch of a persons voice on the song but dont effect the music at all.....hmmmm like for instancei want to do this barry white track and i just want to change the pitch of the voice but not affect the instruments and i am using reason 4....i hope you can understand the question im trying to say

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    let me understand what u saying;
    u got a soundclip with instruments and voice in it, and u wanna change the pitch of the voice without affecting the instruments;
    i dont think it is possible, but here wat u can try; slice the vocals, pitch them up and then put 'em on top of the original soundclip, but i doubt its gonna work tho

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    There is no way to seperate the vocals from the instrumental to pitch them up.

    Even if you did mane to do it you would have to pitch shift them an entire octave up to keep them in tune with the instrumental. By then your vocals would either be to fast for the instrumental or polluted with artifacts and distortion from time correction algorithms.

    Sorry to crush you dreams dude, but this one is a no go.
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    Yup not possible. Unless you have an instrumental and the acapella, but again then you are faced with distortion and such from the time corrections.

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