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    So.....I'm workin on a project for an artist and I'm in the process of remaking "natural born killaz" and there is this sound..i cant explain like a bell thats reallllly wobbly and its all thru out the song...I kno ive heard it on like..P-funk songs and stuff...So im guessing it would be from one of those older vintage keyboard...anyone got any ideas?...or even better does anyone know the equipment dre used in 1994?

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    i'm not sure but maybe the early roland modules might have the sound - like the JD-990 or maybe even the 1080 i think that was out in '94. ---thats a tough situation to be in - digging for vintage sounds. The E-Mu modules were hot back then too so it could be one of the early proteus models.
    Definitely hear that sound in a lot of the early to mid 90's hip-hop. you might just have to combine and manipulate sounds you already got to try to imitate it.
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