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Thread: trouble with Fruity Loops & auto tune

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    Default trouble with Fruity Loops & auto tune

    ey im having trouble with auto tune in FL studio producer edition
    after i installed it in alot of stuff stopped working
    like almost all my kicks,hats,claps,bass,pads, n mostly everything else
    i don't kno wat happened
    and if any of u guys can help then i would really appreciate it

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    Default Re: trouble with Fruity Loops & auto tune

    I dont know what happened...
    When I downloaded autotune and installed it in the VST plugins folder, everything went smoothly...
    Are u saying that you've made a beat, and then when it came time to incorporate the Autotune Plugin, the other samples stopped playing???

    try un-installing auto tune, and then check to make sure the beat sounds like it should.. if things are back to normal, try re-installing auto tune, into the vst folder in fruityloops, and if theres a serial number needed, put that in to...

    then check your beat
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