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Thread: Top 5 Producers

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    Default Re: Top 5 Producers

    1) Just Blaze- never disappoints.
    2) Kanye West- some of the most original beats you'll find.
    3) Old RZA- when those creepy kung-fu beats were still new, they were awesome.
    4) Old-ish Timbaland. Back int he Roll Out Days, he was unstoppable. Most of his pop stuff is good too (Apologize), but not my style really.
    5) Ryan Leslie- always impresses with those youtube videos, I hope to see him get big in the near future.

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    Default Re: Top 5 Producers

    1. Ryan Leslie - Multitalented and his YouTube videos are so inspiring
    2. No I.D. - Beast on them samples
    3. Johnny Juliano - He's just...the shit
    4. Timbaland - Made me want to start producing and a big influence on my sound
    5. The Runners - Used to go so hard

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    Default Re: Top 5 Producers

    #I - Dr. Dre
    #II - Scott Storch
    #III - Neptunez
    #IV - Timbaland
    *V - J.R. Rotem

    Those are just the first that come to mind there are too many.

    #I - DJ Muggs
    *II - The Alchemist
    *III - DJ Premeir
    *IV - Rodney Jerkins
    *V - Swizz

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    Default Re: Top 5 Producers

    Flying Lotus
    J Dilla
    Dj Screw
    dj jazzy jeff -or- mixalot
    Pirates of the High Frequencies


    need rappers badly. send us your acapellas!!


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