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Thread: The Main Question - MIDI

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    Default The Main Question - MIDI

    Hey guys even though im a learner towards the producing scene, i knwo ima get a midi keyboard so i can learn better and make it easier for me. Anyone know which one to suggest? I want to have a midi keybaord thats all full piano and just has the laid back smooth sounds lol and WHERE to get it from if posssible

    I live?: Vancouver,Canada

    So any suggestions that would be tight! :001_tt2:

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    Go check out the Boards in the local music stores, ie. Tom-Lee, Long and Mquade, ect. Your ears and hads will tell you better than any one else can which one will be the way you want.

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    there arent to many midi keyboards that are also equipped with stand alone capability (can play sounds on their own) buti have heard of them ur best bet is to hit up ebay and search for midi keyboards o and u also probably wont find one with more than 61 keys. but u can midi any keyboard into sound racks if ur looking for specific sounds it depends if u wanna go with a hardware or software set up

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    casio cdp100 has 88 weighted keys and five high quality pianos preprogrammed and works as a midi control too...runs about US$ 400 new.

    Most digital keyboards made from like 1998 up have midi out which means u can use them as a midi keyboard, and they usually have a good soundset already. Check out yamaha and casio and u can find somthing reasonable.

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    Yea man, def Yamaha would be a good look. I had a casio, but I never got the cord for it, so I just got an axiom 49

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