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Thread: Stero Imaging?

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    Default Stero Imaging?

    Someone mentioned in another post that I should place stereo imaging on my tracks...What can I use within FL 8 to place "Stereo Imaging" onto my tracks.? I was reading about stereo imaging and it sounds very complex!!!

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    In FL 8 they have a stereo enhancer plugin in your vst effect list. In FL 9 there's also a plugin called stereo shaper. In the mixer there's a knob right under your fx slots used for the same thing. Imaging and separation or enhancer all work the same way, there's just different things to call it.

    I don't think its complex I learned EQing, then Imaging then Compression. Imaging wont work with a dry mono sound, apply reverb or delays. Usually vsts come with an ass of reverb already on the presets, but for samples yeah reverb. In short its just widening or narrowing a sound, then positioning it in the mix similar to how panning is. It also can help to get rid of the high end if u want some sounds lower and higher in the mix.

    Try not to over do it you don't want your track to sound smeared, compare it to other songs to get an idea.

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    Thanks Money...I have izope "that's probably spelled wrong, but it's close. My computer sound card can't handle it's output so I'll work with the one that comes with FL 8.

    Thanks again for the info and help!

    I like rainy days..because not only is my day messed up... so is everyone elses!


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