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Thread: Some Vst Questions??!

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    Default Some Vst Questions??!

    Is synthogy worth it or should i stick with 4front trupianos.
    What about ewql colossus or stick only with gold??...
    im downloading them now but they gunna take a hella long time ..but yeah...anyone know any good guitar vst..i was thinking the vir 2 acoustic legend hd for kontack..anything anybody? oh and also would i be able to play all those samples for kontakt in ewql??
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    Default Re: Some Vst Questions??! if u are looking for acoustic here it is

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    Default Re: Some Vst Questions??!

    colossus is worth it, gold only has orchestra (mainly) where as colossus has bass, guitar, piano, the works pretty much

    not sure about playing samples from kontakt in ewql (symphonic orchestra gold?), but my mate said you can put the libraries from all east west products into kontakt, not sure how but it would be worth investigating

    but yeah, colossus has some awesome guitars both accoustic and electric, they sound fine as is but with a guitar amp effect and maybe a bit of chorus people wont even realise its a vst unless you tell them lol


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