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Thread: some tips on EQ

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    Default some tips on EQ

    is there someplace on the web that can teach me about EQiing because i dont go to a music skool ...thanks

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    Default Re: some tips on EQ

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    Default Re: some tips on EQ

    ^i know some sites too. i just hope i'm not addin' a link that you listed already (i'll double check after i post them).

    Mastering tutorial thread.
    ^he cut and paste his stuff from other sites, here are his sources (some stuff like pics and charts got left off).
    ^copy and paste that link, don't click on it and it will work (in ff, it is right click > properties > and then everything in the adrress bar after

    TSC Tech Talk | EQ
    PcMus Tips: Mastering Audio and Music FAQ
    Electronic Music 411 - EQ, Compression, Reverb, etc tips - Compression, EQ
    Mixing and Mastering Tips
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    Default Re: some tips on EQ

    thanks for the help

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    Default Re: some tips on EQ

    I been up here for a while basically its a forum and website dedicated to mixing, mastering, recording, etc.

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    Default Re: some tips on EQ

    thanks man i'll check it out

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