Everyone knows that soundclick is one of the most successful and consistent platform for both Artists and Producers to collide and transact music businesses (selling beats, etc.) but if you are a producer looking to sell your beats on soundclick, then one time or the other, you might have asked questions like 'what kind of beat sells on soundclick?', 'how can I be successful like VybeBeatz, JohnnyJuliano, SuperstarO, YungExclusive, etc?'.
In other to make a good 'soundclick beat', these are the steps to follow.

1. Be Unique as a producer: Lets say you go to soundclick.com and preview like 70% of the hip-hop/pop beats there, you'll notice that all the beats sound the same (aside compositions, instruments used, etc). Successful soundclick producers like JohnnyJuliano, VybeBeatz, etc all have their unique pattern they add to their beats. JohnnyJuliano has that 'JohnnyJuliano-dot-com' tag and his Minimonsta VST leads (which sound like a video game but is dope) incorporated to his beats. VybeBeatz has that 'Vybe' echo tag and generally adds strings to his beat whether it is a hip-hop or a R'n'B beat. I for one, use my 'square' lead as my own unique way of making my beats. The point of what I'm saying, and I can't stress this enough, is to be unique in your production and people will fancy checking out your work since it stands out from the rest

2. Make the beat simple but have the required effect on the listener: Another step is to make the beat easy to comprehend but at the same time, let the beat inspire the listener to compose a song while listening to it. Alot of producers on soundclick now copy the 'DJ Khaled' style of making beats and make complex beats on soundclick. I for one, don't fancy complex beats and so does the beat-selling trend on soundclick. Successful soundclick producers like SuperstarO, JohnnyJuliano, VybeBeatz, etc all make simple beats which sell like fire on soundclick. JohnnyJuliano's beat composition consists of his Arps, simple drum patterns and his VST leads. Vybe goes with his strings, simple drum patterns and his leads too. SuperstarO goes with his simple drum patterns, arps, brass, and his leads. All their beats are simple to comprehend and at the same time, gets the listener nodding while lyrics flow from him/her.

I hope this thread has been helpful to you. Also, if you have more ideas concerning this topic, you can as well post them so others can learn from them too.