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Thread: scales that work with hip hop?

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    Default scales that work with hip hop?

    Someone on her told me the blues scale a minute ago & I finally figured out how to workk with it

    But I know this can't be the only hip hop/r&b scale... so does anyone know of different ones that work good too?

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    Default Re: scales that work with hip hop?

    Ricci Adams'

    Check out The Major Scales and The Minor Scales.
    There are no rules to which scale has to be used.

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    Default Re: scales that work with hip hop?

    its music...and its hip hop at that....there are no rules to expression

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    Default Re: scales that work with hip hop?

    and some dont have to even be conventional scales... for instance you can base it around a major scale but still use minor accidentals and even completely weird accidentals

    there is no formula for hip hop and rnb
    just let your ears show you the way
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    Default Re: scales that work with hip hop?

    Ears !! Yes !!!

    I use any scale, any chord, plain, complex, jazzy or not...
    Just use your ears !
    FrozenjaZz (fresh beats with character)

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    Default Re: scales that work with hip hop?

    Minor scales can go pretty hard if you use them right. Just experiment with them until you find something you like.


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