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    ok. pardon my ignorance, but i downloaded SampleTank 2. the registration process went well. unfortunately, I still can't load samples into a banks or load instruments and use the program properly.

    Q: is there a tutorial i can go to learn how to use the program without telling on myself that i'm using a bootleg copy? what am i doing wrong? is there a part of the program i hadn't installed right to make it function?

    Any helpful replies would be greatly appreciated.

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    Make a folder Called SampleTank instruments. Now put all the instruments in that folder. Now open up SampleTank and go to pref on the side and point it to the folder you just made with the instruments in it. It takes a while to scan the first time but when its done they should show up in the list.

    Its good to make separate folders inside of that folder so your instruments wont get all mixed up. Try to set the folder up by having that folder SampleTank instruments and inside of that have another folder like SampleTank DVD 1 Instruments, and another like SampleTank DVD 2 Instruments etc. Just a tip.

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    dumb question right. how do you get to the sounds to save them to a folder. please help.
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