the website changed, all the information is on the front page now for you too see Network Marketing, Work at Home Business opportunity, Record Company Music Distribution, Sell my music, Independent Music Distribution, if any of you were interested in joining then network i still am hold a top slot so that you can maximize your income since i am one of the launchers and am at the top. if you want to sign up in a high position your gonna have to put in visualmusicworld as the referer. there are only 100 top spots and i am holding 99. But let me know if there are any feature that producers might like since the site is run by producers, i don't think i have asked this here.

but to see what i mean you can either go to my home and check it out or from the main page, my home is rocmp3 -Impulse i didn't change the title to something origional because this account is used start other people at the top of the chain, thats why it so basic. i think we have everything a producer could need but i haven't ask here so i asking now.

Since other message boards have asked, another thing done was its 100% integratable with forums so people use it to help each other out with the income, they post beats like soundlclick pages and can promote better than myspace. we also added a forum there as well but most people perfer the own forums like this site. but let me know since there are a good # of producers here, i might post this in the artist section later but producer use this waaaaaay more.