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    hi,short introduction , i'm dutch so pardon my french ,
    i started out years ago learning the basics of fruity loops, stupid me i thought i was ready for a bigger program so started out with reason...
    came to the conclusion this was alot harder to figure out ,but put alot of effort in it and
    years later here i am with almost no knowledge of using fl
    but i make pretty decent eastcoast beats with reason if i say so myself,
    now i used to record my vocals on the older version of adobe audition: cool edit pro.
    but i read some stuff on how to rewire adobe audition with reason 4.0 ..
    so i did (are u still following me? )
    now i came to the conclusion my beats aren't decent, but they can become monsters with the right tweaking in adobe, cuz the built in eq's in reason r just not realy working for me, yeah yeah call me arrogant i don't give a ----------------------
    lol.... anyway ..... here i am again with decent beats but i want to know are there other people with some knowledge of this combination in rewiring and are there tips i can use or presets perhaps making my drumz sounding thicker and basicly how to eq in adobe when operating reason 4.0. as slave

    hope that made sense .

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    i thought u was goin to ask how to rewire to fl well i cant help u on this lol gl bro

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    you could try layering your drums using multiple snares, kicks, hihats, ect. it will have a unique sound, i don't know if it will sound thicker tho'?


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