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Thread: Recording????

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    Default Recording????

    Im tryna start recordin an album..
    i can handle usin the equipment whut i got now for mixtape and demo shit, but for an album i want it to SOUND alot betta..
    alright at the moment iv got cool edit pro. use to use a program called audacity but my mate showed me cool edit so now im usin that
    but was wonderin what other programs are good/better to use??
    i know of Protools my mate says its the best thing to use, but is there anything that compares nearly on that level that i can jus download??
    also whas really interested in any tips/ideas yall could giv me for recordin??
    i wanna know all i need to if ya feel
    apreciatte sum feed on this
    aight peace...
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    Default Re: Recording????

    First Thing U Gat To Have A Good Mic And U Could Use Adobe Audition 1.5or 2.0 It's The Same Thing As Cool Edit Pro But With More Effects And Stuff

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    Default Re: Recording????

    I used cool edit well Adobe audition 1.5 and 2.0 they have alot of presets but alot of the effects are not live tho meaning that you cant turn stuff on and off everythings in 1 process forcing you to use undo and redo. After a while it eats up your ram and virtual memory.

    Im sticking to sonar because its well known for recording and every studio they been in they have sonar or Pro Tools. I recorded and mixed a few albums in the past and didnt have trouble doin anything. Ether that or cubase I never recorded audio with that tho. Acid is aight but its kinda hard to do close cuts and editing because the way the wave looks it could get the job done tho.

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    Default Re: Recording????

    I use Pro Tools and it work perfectly.
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    Default Re: Recording????

    get a good mic, and make sure your computer has the disk space and RAM to handle a big recording project.

    You can have a fly program and it will mean almost nothing if your system can't handle the workload.

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    Default Re: Recording????

    get your hands on a nice tube or ribbon mic.. might come up expensive but the end results are all that matters.. in the music world you get what you pay for.. once you have the tracks recorded i recomend sending them out to a mastering lab.. lay out the cash and let a pro do it.. don't use a DIY program or one that does it automatically for you.. its not actually being mastered its just removing a few clicks and pops.. if you do it the proper way things will come out crisp

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    Default Re: Recording????

    Like everyone said, u cant get a good sound without a good mic.
    And u cannot learn to mix over night.
    I have been learning to mix for the past 6 months, and only now I am actually starting to get a difference in sound compared to my older shit.
    So if u want better sound, u need better equipment, and more mixin practice.

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    Default Re: Recording????

    honestly bro, with your settup and cash flow you'd be better off getting a USB condenser...and a new computer lol

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    Default Re: Recording????

    Pro Tools is not necessarily the best program out there for sequencing/recording. We use Ableton and it works amazingly well. We do also happen to have two very powerful computers with 24 bit soundcards as well. Mostly your computer will need plenty of RAM, minimum of two gigs if you want things to run smoothly.

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